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Did you know that today's average American household spends nearly $1,300 per year on electricity and various heating fuels?  Are you surprised to hear that, in many homes, as much as half of this amount can be slashed through use of the latest energy saving technology?  Would you be further surprised to hear that significant savings are possible with little or no expenditure on the part of the homeowner?  Interested?  Read on.

Since the energy crises of the 1970ís, and especially in the last ten years, energy efficiency technology has made great strides.  Hi-tech solutions that were marginally cost effective only a few years ago, are now cheap enough to be considered excellent (and tax free) investments.  In today's investment climate, you would be hard pressed to find better returns.  

Even without the recent advances in technology, energy savings are also possible through the application of some simple principles.  Opportunities abound to reduce household energy consumption without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

Enerocity.com is all about you, Mr. and Mrs. Homeowner, getting the most for your money. Through its library of articles, Enerocity.com gives you the what's, why's, and how-to's. 

To keep you abreast of the latest developments, Enerocity.com is also your source for energy-related news and new product announcements.  If there is news that could affect your utility bills, you will find it here. 

As if being your primary source of news and information for cutting your utility bills were not enough, Enerocity.com also has a discussion forum for you to share ideas and experiences directly with other homeowners.  By registering with Enerocity.com, you will have full access to the discussion forum and well as the full library of money-saving ideas.

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