Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is

The purpose of to make homeowners aware of the many opportunities that exist to reduce their monthly energy bills.  By presenting, through its website, an extensive array of energy conservation methods, teaches its users how to save money. This service also enables homeowners to understand how appliances work, follow energy-related news, and share their success stories with other homeowners.

Who is the intended audience for is written primarily for value-conscious individuals who own their own homes and take an active interest in maintaining and improving their property.

What kind of business is compares to a special interest magazine that you would buy on a newstand.  It offers an abundance of information on its subject and is advertiser-supported. But, unlike a magazine, does not require any purchase or subscription fee from the reader. Taking full advantage of the internet's capabilities, it is constantly being updated and contains interactive content. is an independent media property, meaning it is not owned by or has no affiliation with any public utility, manufacturer, government agency, non-profit entity, or communications media corporation.

Is it necessary to register with

No. Any visitor to the website can access the news, data, and educational features indexed from the home page. However, by registering, you will gain access to all the articles containing money-saving advice, to the on-line Discussion Forums where you can share information and ideas with other homeowners like yourself.  Registered users also have access to the Value Center, which offers outstanding values on goods and services for the household.

Will I receive a lot of unwanted e-mail if I sign up?

No. respects your privacy. As you proceed through the registration process, you will have the option of not having your e-mail address shared with select outside entities. You may even opt to not have contact you directly about special announcements, offers, opportunities, etc. For those who do sign up, e-mail can be stopped at any time.

Why do you need information about my house and my utility providers?

To best serve its audience, would like to know about the needs and interests of its visitors.  Collecting residential data allows us to better match cost-saving opportunities with those who can benefit by them. 

Rest assured that no personally identifiable information will be sold or otherwise shared with any outside person or entity.  See our Privacy Policy for complete details. 

How can I contact

Please send your questions and/or comments to You may also click on the Contact Us button on the homepage, to send your e-mail directly.  Your comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome. 

How can I advertise on

Click on Advertising Info on the homepage for complete instructions.

Does have any job openings?

Like any other business, is always looking for good talent. Click on Career Opportunities for more information.

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