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Maytag Corporation Introduces New Dimensions in Clothing Care and Cooking At International Builders' Show

Maytag Corporation's Multi-Brand Exhibit Presents New Ways to Make Everyday Tasks Easier, From High-Performance Clothing Care to Professional-Style Cooking

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 21 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Curious and enthusiastic consumers crowded the Maytag Corporation (NYSE: MYG) exhibit at Monday's start of the International Builders' Show. Time savings and enhanced performance are the names of the game at the booth, as the latest home appliances are presented through Jan. 22, 2004. From two-in-one dryers to agitation-free washers to commercial-grade cooktops, ranges and more, Maytag Corporation is offering an array of new innovations from Maytag(R) Appliances, Jenn-Air(R) and Amana(R) brands that add flexibility and performance to some of homeowners' most routine tasks.

Two-in-one dryer unit pairs tumble dryer with inventive upper drying cabinet

Long known as the company that revolutionized the way consumers clean clothes, Maytag Appliances presents a revolution in the way people dry them. The Maytag(R) Neptune(R) Drying Center(TM) (DC) pairs a tumble dryer with the convenience of an upper drying cabinet that minimizes shrinkage, speeds up the drying process, reduces wrinkles, eliminates odors and refreshes clothes -- saving time and money.

The multipurpose design, which fits in about the same space as a standard dryer, responds to consumers' desire for better garment care from their dryers. Clothes that consumers normally hang or lay flat to dry can now be dried or refreshed in one to five hours in the Maytag Neptune DC, compared to one to two days when air dried.

Worried about capacity? Don't be. With 24.3 cu. ft. of total drying space, the Maytag Neptune DC has the largest dryer capacity in the industry. The Maytag Neptune DC has the flexibility to dry up to nine items using special ShapeSaver(TM) hangers or up to five items dried flat on removable mesh shelves. Its patented BreezeCare(TM) Drying System moves air around and through clothes using gentle temperatures that are easy on fabrics, and the WrinkleRelease(TM) Rod at the top of the cabinet sways back and forth as clothes dry to reduce unwanted wrinkles. Fragrance can be added to any cycle using the Dryer Sheet Caddy to refresh clothing. For example, the sweater or suit worn to dinner last night can be refreshed in time for a morning meeting, saving dry cleaning costs.

Top-loading washing machine is agitator-free for gentle clothing care

The Maytag(R) Neptune(R) TL, a top-loading high-efficiency washing machine, provides the cleaning power, fabric care and conservation benefits of a front-load washer but in a convenient top-loading configuration that most consumers prefer. Its design completely does away with the traditional agitator that sits in the center of the washtub and instead uses revolutionary wash technology to combine powerful cleaning with gentle fabric care.

The Maytag Neptune TL TumbleClean(TM) wash system begins with a one-of-a- kind showering dispenser system that disperses detergent throughout the load to start cleaning before wash action begins. Two round tumblers gently turn over laundry up to 55 times per minute without the wear and tear of an agitator.

Custom cycles like Super Wash(TM) and Handwash are designed to handle super dirty to extra delicate loads, while the Favorites Cycle allows consumers to personally program up to 24 commonly used wash cycles, so anyone in the house can do laundry.

Dual-fuel range, 17,000-BTU cooktop heart of revamped professional-grade offerings from Jenn-Air

Responding to the needs of the passionate home cook, the Jenn-Air brand has revamped its commercial-grade Jenn-Air Pro-Style(R) cooktops and ranges, adding new style features, enhanced performance and more cooking options.

The core of the modifications include the introduction of dual-fuel ranges in 30-inch and 36-inch sizes and the addition of 17,000 BTU burners on Jenn- Air's Pro-Style cooktops.

Jenn-Air also refined the look of all its Pro-Style cooking appliances, including both the ranges and the cooktops. Jenn-Air added oversized knobs and diamond-etched towel bar handles. The style modifications provide a bold new look as well as an improved grip. Taken together, the new stylistic elements create a versatile, restaurant-style appearance that resonates with serious cooks.

"The people who buy Jenn-Air appliances love to entertain and want appliances that not only look great in their kitchen but also deliver better cooking performance," said Bill Deter, vice president of Jenn-Air. "By adding new dual-fuel ranges to our product lineup and more power on our gas cooktops, we are helping Jenn-Air owners improve their cooking performance and, hopefully, reach their culinary dreams."

Eyeing growth of second kitchens, Jenn-Air exhibits the first convenience oven

Jenn-Air has introduced the Jenn-Air Convenience Oven, the appliance industry's most compact built-in oven. The Jenn-Air Convenience Oven is a fully functioning wall oven, complete with bake, broil, toast and other modes, that fits into a significantly smaller area.

The small-sized, 30-inch oven measures just 22 inches high, making the Jenn-Air Convenience Oven ideal for nontraditional installations, including wet bars, great rooms and recreation rooms. Plus, the 1.2-cubic-foot interior allows the oven to preheat faster than a full-sized, 4.0-cubic-foot oven. This makes it ideal for quickly preparing those entertaining staples, such as appetizers and rolls. Plus, the Jenn-Air Convenience Oven is self-cleaning, allowing you to enjoy your time entertaining.

"The Jenn-Air Convenience Oven provides a great new way for people to bring cooking appliances to new parts of the house," said Deter. "The small size allows people to produce hot, fresh appetizers and snacks in the rooms where people most like to entertain, including bar areas, pool houses and great rooms."

The Jenn-Air Convenience Oven is the most compact fully functioning wall oven available. Its internal cavity is nearly 75 percent smaller than the industry-standard 4.0-cubic-foot oven. Plus, with the bake, broil and toast modes, it can tackle virtually any cooking process -- except for the major holiday turkeys and large roasts.

Maytag Corporation is a leading producer of home and commercial appliances. Its products are sold to customers throughout North America and in international markets. About 96 percent of Maytag manufacturing employees are located in the United States, where it operates 15 manufacturing plants. The corporation's principal brands include Maytag, Amana, Jenn-Air, Jade, Hoover and Dixie-Narco.


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